The Gorilla Board Holder

Collapsable Board Holder – 5 in 1

The Collapsable 5-in-1 Board Holder
Weighs only 10 lbs
Safe and easy to use
Practice with or without a partner
Height adjustable; 1-6 feet
Use wall -mounted or hand-held
Strong enough for power breaking
Comes with instructional DVD
FREE Carry Bag & Safety Pad
No more kicked fingers

The Ultimate Martial Arts Board Holder can be Wall-mounted, pole-mounted, on a bag, on the floor or hand-held… There’s never been anything like it! Developed with the support of a government research team, this innovative system is perfect for training, demonstrations and competitions.

Made from high-impact plastic, this amazing 5-in-1 machine allows you to train on your own, with help from friends or family, or in conventional classroom scenarios. Use it virtually anywhere to help improve technique, generate more power and gain focus.

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