FingerArmor is an innovative new way to protect the board-holder’s fingers from punches and kicks that don’t always land where they’re aimed. Made from Santoprene┬« – a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer compound, resilient like natural rubber, with an excellent durability and product life in both hot and cold environments. This material allows FingerArmor to flex on impact, providing a cushioning effect to the striker, yet retaining sufficient firmness to shield the holder’s fingers from the blow.

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From Gerald T Frentz, ATA World Champion of Katy, Texas

“Our parents, and students that are not testing, are often called on to hold boards in the weeks before a testing event. We have some doctors, nurses and others that use their hands professionally, and they were extremely pleased to have the protection afforded by the FingerArmor units. The students that were breaking also like the ‘soft’ feel of the units when they accidentally hit them, unlike a very hard product we had previously tried. An added benefit to the breakers is that the holders are more confident and do not ‘flinch’ when the strike or kick is coming because they know their fingers are not going to get hurt.”

Gerald T. Frentz
Master Instructor and World Champion, ATA
Owner: Katy ATA Black Belt Academy and Karate for Kids – Katy, TX